Thanks so much for making Shawn's engagement ring shopping experience something he will never forget. Over the past three years, I have b...

Zac H.


Recognizing that jewelry stores can be an intimidating place, Julia and David charged David Shellenberger with designing a store that projects a warm and inviting atmosphere.  This was accomplished with colors and a use of space resulting in several unique areas.  The men's lounge encourages customers to have a seat in comfortable leather chairs, enjoy a beverage and watch the television.  Another section is completely tailored to women with fabulous red chairs nestled around a conversation table tucked away in the David Yurman boutique creating a cozy place to sit, chat and enjoy a glass of wine. The store's bridal area was designed with our college student customer in mind.  This contemporary portion of the store is perfect for a group of friends to sit with coffee and see the latest engagement ring designs.